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1. Prepare the Environment

Ensure a well-lit and calm setting with the camera angled correctly and your face visible.

2. Record Footage

Record yourself speaking using a camera, ideally with a few movements like hand movements and face movements and teleprompter displaying your script.

3. Submission and Delivery

Your footage undergoes processing by our advanced algorithms, taking 5-10 business days before delivery to your account.

Voice Cloning

For an additional touch, clone your voice to further personalise your studio avatar

Studio Recording

Certified studios are available for recording sessions if you lack the necessary equipment or space.

Rapid Video Generation

Create tailored videos swiftly by typing text, ideal for various purposes like internal communications, training modules, or brand presentations.

Audience Engagement

Forge a unique connection with your audience through a consistent avatar that mirrors your brand identity, eliminating the need for frequent on-camera appearances.

Cost Efficiency

Once crafted, your custom avatar can be utilised across multiple video projects without recurring talent expenses, ensuring long-term savings.

Consistent Branding

Maintain a uniform visual representation throughout your video content, enhancing message delivery without relying on live appearances or green screens.