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Turbocharge Ad Revenue with Justbaat ADX

We support creators worldwide in boosting their earnings by linking them with the top-tier advertising platform Google ADX. With advanced ad-serving solutions and expert ad operations guidance, we empower them to maximise revenue with 100% fill rate with 30% Higher CPM’s from their content.

Trusted by more than 4000 Publishers all around the Globe

Enhance Clickthrough Rates

Our visual ad management tool simplifies the creation of new ad units and layouts with easy point-and-click functionality. Leveraging machine learning, our layout optimizer conducts automated A/B testing to boost ad revenue growth.

Boost eCPMs & Revenue

Unlock your ad inventory for bidding by multiple demand partners in real-time, ensuring maximum yield for each impression. Our system intelligently selects the ideal number of partners for optimal results.

Recover Revenue from Ad-blocking

We assist publishers in recuperating lost revenue caused by ad blockers by delivering ads that adhere to top-notch UX standards, following the guidelines of Acceptable Ads standards.

Highly-Visible Ad Formats

Apart from standard IAB units, we provide sticky ads, docked ads, in-image ads, and native ads filled with premium demand from our partner ad exchanges to maximise revenue.

Promote Bid Competition

Our ad mediation platform optimises ad revenue across closed networks by utilising a bid comparison engine that evaluates 15+ parameters to determine the winning network for each impression, irrespective of their bids.

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Ad Layout Enhancement

Utilise A/B testing to optimise ad layouts, ensuring user experience while maximising revenue. AI-driven analysis recommends optimal placements, reaching the right audience seamlessly.

Advanced Ad Format

Elevate your advertising with interactive, dynamic formats, captivating audiences and fostering strong brand connections. Stand out amidst competition and boost conversion rates effectively.

Floor Sense

Set minimum CPMs to monetize ad space fairly, ensuring maximum value without lowball offers. Confidently maximise ad revenue with FloorSense, selling inventory at its true worth.

Video Ads

Harness the power of video to tell compelling brand stories, showcase products, and drive measurable results across platforms, extending reach and leaving lasting impressions.

H5 Gaming  Monetization

Leveraging ads, in-app purchases, and subscriptions to generate revenue from gaming apps, balancing user experience with profitability.

Header Bidding

Technique allowing publishers to offer ad inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously, optimising ad revenue by maximising competition among buyers.


Fixed ad at bottom/top of screen. Size: 320×50 for mobile, 728×90 for desktop.


Full-screen ad between content transitions. Size: 320×480 for mobile, 1024×768 for desktop.


Appears in new window, can block content. Size varies, commonly 300×250 or 720×300.


Standard rectangular ad on webpage. Size: 300×250 for MPU, 728×90 for leaderboard.


Users get rewards for engaging with ads. No fixed size, often full-screen video.

App in open

Ad appears when app is opened. Size: Full-screen for mobile, varies for desktop.


Opens beneath the active window. Size: Typically 720×300.

Social Bar

Floating toolbar integrating social media and ads. Size: Varies based on design, commonly 728×90.


Traditional ad within webpage content. Size: Standard sizes like 300×250, 728×90.

Direct Link

Clickable text/image leading directly to the advertiser’s site. Size varies, usually within standard ad sizes.

Multi bar

Ad bar with multiple interactive elements. Size: Flexible, often 728×90 or 300×250.

Flying Carpet

Expanding ad that overlays webpage. Size varies, expands from standard banner size.

Native Banner

Seamlessly integrates into content. Size: Variable, often 1200×627 for social platforms.